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21 August 2010 @ 08:11 pm
lukulaari or my favourite bookstore  
Address: Puutarhakatu 23, Tampere (up near Anttila), Finland

If the picture cannot explain why this is my favourite bookstore in town, I don't know what can... the picture shows about a fifth of the basement, btw. Right above the entrance to the basement there's a drawn map over the basement to help you to not get lost find the sections you're looking for. All the sections are enormous.
Most books are in Finnish, but within the various sections there are random titles in another languages. There's a rather big English section that exceeded my expectations for the store. The Swedish section is limited to one shelf, however.
There's pretty much everything you desire, including a sci-fi/fantasy section in two languages. The English sci-fi section is in the basement, next to the English lit section, while the Finnish sci-fi section is upstairs. What amused me was a tiny UFO section...it was in a cardboard box on the floor.

There's also a small comics sections, CD, LP and VHS/DVD. The store does trading as well.

The standard price for books seems to be about 5€ (4€-7€), but prices can be as low as 1€ and as high as 20€, although that would be mainly for new books. All books I've purchased have been 3-5€. Even old and fancy books from the 1800 go for cheap (I keep petting my find of H.C. Andersen's fairytales in a Swedish version from 1870 that I got for mere 5€...).

If you stop by, I hope you enjoy your visit as much as I enjoy mine :D